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JC Electric Limited

0871 2884236
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Unit 4A Garth Drive
Brackla Ind Est
Unit 4A Garth Drive
CF31 2AQ | Get Directions

Email us @ sales@jcelectrics.com

Based in Bridgend, JC Electric Ltd supplies Dimplex heating products to the public and private sector throughout the UK. JC Electrics are main stockists of Dimplex heating products and provide a fast and reliable delivery service.

The firm provides a range of Dimplex heaters to business and the general public, and are discounted to suit the budgets of everyone.

The company can supply a range of dimplex heating products that Look fantastic and are designed for the home or the office. The product range includes heaters and towel rails. The products are available on the jcelectrics website.

JC Electric Ltd has a professional sales team, to help you.

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